New York Defensive Driving | New York State Defensive Driving


This New York defensive driving course was just what I needed. I have gotten my share of traffic tickets in the past, but never have I had so much fun getting rid of them. I recently took this online New York defensive driving course that a friend told me about and I could not have made a better decision. All you need is a computer with an internet connection to access it, so you can really work on it anytime you want; I did it all from home.

You can sign up for this New York State defensive driving course in a couple of minutes and start working on it right away. At first glance the course seems kind of long, but the eight units really fly by quickly. There are interactive features in every unit too, so you never get bored with tons of reading. Plus, there are review quizzes after each chapter that make studying for the final really easy.

Probably my favorite part about this New York State defensive driving course was that you get an unlimited amount of attempts on the final exam. I hate taking tests, so it was nice to know that I would pass the course at some point. Good news is that I passed the very first time, so I had nothing to worry about; I got my certificate of completion just a few days later and said goodbye to my ticket.